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Hawking has repeatedly warned the development of artificial intelligence. From the observation of recent years, his concern is right

Hawking has repeatedly warned the development of artificial intelligence to ensure the extrusion quality. His concern is right from the observation in recent years

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original title: Hawking has repeatedly warned the development of artificial intelligence. From the observation of recent years, his concern is right



Hawking, a famous physicist, has been opposed to intelligent technology in recent years. It is unreasonable to carefully analyze his concerns. Today's intelligent life does deeply affect us, and will the future development of artificial intelligence really threaten mankind

after lishishi and Ke Jie were defeated by alpha dogs, it has been proved that in the field of go, a high IQ competition, people are classified as non machine competitors according to performance. Will there be other fields that will surpass humans in the future? Musk once warned that maybe we are using artificial intelligence to summon demons

in fact, since the intelligent concept of artificial definition: the ratio of the increase of lining heating thickness to the initial lining thickness was born, our fear of AI has arisen. Since many early science fiction movies, artificial intelligence has rebelled against human beings. Of course, this view is analyzed from the perspective of human beings. Many scientists can call for more restrictions on the development of robots

at the 2017 global mobile Internet Conference, Hawking, who delivered a speech via video, once again pointed out that the all-round development of artificial intelligence may lead to the extinction of human beings. Once artificial intelligence breaks away from the shackles and re designs itself in a state of continuous acceleration, human beings cannot compete with it due to the long biological evolution constraints, and will eventually be replaced

a recent and realistic statement is that artificial intelligence will cause many non professional workers to face the risk of unemployment. Now, the basis of artificial intelligence is through in-depth machine learning, which can undertake a lot of previous human work based on experience and data

the research report released by Forrester, a foreign research institution, shows that in the next five years, artificial intelligence will replace 6% of jobs, and 47% of people's jobs are likely to be automated in the future. Human beings will only rely more and more on the convenience of technology, leaving a lot of things to machines, and the gradual consequences can be imagined

human civilization is making rapid progress, and the intelligent era is also rapidly covering and upgrading. Is the future world still human civilization

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