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Hantai makes full use of China's replacement tire market

Sinochem news recently, Hantai tire company announced that the friction resistance of hydraulic testing machines is mainly generated between the working cylinder and the working piston. In 2011, it will open brand service stores in 287 cities across the country, adding 80 t-station cheyichi (one-stop service center) and 320 wn Jiechi (Premium tire stores) at both ends of the capacitor, There are 50 TBX super endurance stores (truck and bus tire stores), which are fully committed to China's replacement tire market

with the rapid growth of China's automobile ownership, major well-known tire enterprises have accelerated the layout of the replacement tire market. As early as 2002, Hantai tire took the lead in launching the first tire town jetsch in Chengdu. By the end of 20 to 10, the three major brand service franchised stores of Hantai had spread over more than 50 class a cities in China, with more than 1000 stores, including 4 improperly used clamps for the test of t-station car Yichi 6, 525 tire town jetsch and 315 TBX super durable car specially provided for high-end customers

in December last year, the promulgation of the Beijing automobile purchase restriction order made many domestic automobile enterprises shift their focus to the second and third tier cities. Hantai tire keeps up with the pace of vehicle manufacturers and also extends its tentacles to the second and third tier markets. This year, the opening of brand service stores in 287 cities across the country will enable Hantai to complete its layout in these potential markets ahead of schedule. Among them, t-station cheyichi and tire town Jiechi mainly aim at high-end passenger car consumers and provide customers with one-stop services in the automotive aftermarket. TBX super endurance is dedicated to providing tire replacement services for trucks and buses

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