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Which model of happy projector W50, g86, W80, G10, w15 is good? What is the difference

the main differences between the happy projectors W50, g86, W80, G10 and w15 are: first, the time of listing is different; Second, the resolution is different; Third, the number of colors supported is different; The new happy investment G10 is the latest product to be launched. It has a higher resolution and supports a larger number of colors. I started with the W50. It is super clear. It is as good as the TV. The focus is not good. It is much clearer than my video. The premise is that the screen is not used. The screen is very garbage. The effect on the projection wall is very clear. I am quite satisfied overall. Friends in need, please click here to view the advantages and disadvantages of the overall combination of plastic, ceramic and metal. 2. Introduction to the new quotation and comments of the happy projector:

reference price: ¥ 198.00 (check the latest activity price of tmall)

user comments: advantages: 1: simple appearance design, complete equipment. 4. In the operation of the mortar tensile testing machine 2: the all-in-one machine is very convenient, No need to bring your own speakers. 3: the projection is very clear and the texture is good. 4: the operation is simple and easy to understand. You can directly watch videos with Wi Fi. The equipped HDMI cable can be connected to computers and other equipment. The screen projection operation is also very simple. 5: after inspection, you can quickly restore the packaging without jamming. The use is smooth. 6: the noise is not very large, and the body heat is acceptable. 7: high cost performance. Disadvantages: 1: the delivered curtain is a little chicken ribs, It's inconvenient to use. I have to find a way to set it up. 2: the projection screen is a little dark. 3: I want to roast about the manual, which is about the projection screen. It's a bit complicated to collect the instructions regularly. Maybe I'm a novice. After checking, I know that the projector has its own projection software. Just click and select the screen image. 4: if the screen size can challenge, it's even better

III. summary:

happy projectors W50, g86, W80, G10 and w15 have good cost performance on the whole. The difference is that the resolution and the number of colors supported are different. You can choose them according to your own needs and preferences Go to tmall for more comments and model recommendations

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