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How to deal with the challenges of China's beer packaging line in the international situation (Part 2)

IV. development direction

1. Energy saving

with the increasing tension of domestic and foreign energy, the available resources continue to decrease with the passage of time. With the rising prices of coal, oil, electricity and water, energy conservation is not only an important task in front of every industry, but also the direction of future technological development

energy saving of production line system

⑴ beer packaging production line is a system that consumes more water, electricity and steam. Some production water is recycled as water for the alkali tank of sterilizer and bottle washer, which has been considered by some domestic manufacturers

⑵ the overflow hot water of the bottle washing machine can be used as water for the tank washing machine. Now a few manufacturers at home and abroad have adopted it

⑶ firstly, the steam condensate of the heater is recycled centrally and returned to the boiler as evaporation water, which has been widely used abroad

⑷ strengthen the management of recycling bottles and improve the storage conditions of recycling bottles, so as to reduce the alkali consumption and water consumption of high-performance carbon fiber and composite machine

2. Research and development of energy-saving equipment

a few years ago, an energy-saving sterilizer was developed abroad, and its water consumption is half less than that of ordinary sterilizers, which has been popularized abroad. There are two domestic manufacturers using this imported sterilizer, and the effect is very good. Now domestic equipment manufacturers are also studying and developing this kind of equipment. It is believed that with the continuous progress of technology in the future, more and better energy-saving domestic beer equipment will be developed

since last year, most manufacturers tend to choose 36000 bottles/hour and 40000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines. From the perspective of market sales, the sales volume of 36000 bottles/hour and 40000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines has exceeded 24000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines, and fewer manufacturers buy 20000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines. This is a rational trend, and it will develop in this direction in the future. Because the cost of talents in China is rising, and the prices of land and construction materials used in factories are rising. In addition, the domestic technology and manufacturing level are also constantly improving. The technology of 36000 bottles/hour and 40000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines has been relatively mature, and the quality of domestic bottles, boxes and other products has also been correspondingly improved. Therefore, this choice is inevitable for the screw to choose low speed (about sr/min) to reduce wear at this moment. The next development goal in the future is 48000 bottles/hour and 56000 bottles/hour beer filling production lines

3. Quick replacement

due to the needs of the market, the packaging of beer is developing in a diversified direction. The usual 640ml and 360ml bottle specifications can no longer meet the competitive needs of the market. Now a brewery has more than 10 packaging forms. As an equipment manufacturer, it must also meet the needs of the market. A beer packaging production line should meet the requirements of various packaging specifications at the same time, which brings us a new topic, that is, to solve the problem of changing the accessories of relevant packaging equipment in the shortest time when changing the bottle type and box type, so as to reduce the non production time. This technology is called rapid replacement. This technology is regarded as very important in foreign countries, and it has developed rapidly. In contrast, in the past, China did not pay enough attention to this technology. Now domestic equipment manufacturers have begun to recognize this, and the research and development work is starting

4. Humanized design

to ensure the good operation of a packaging production line or a machine, in addition to its own quality, there is another important factor, that is, the operator. In addition to considering the machine itself, our designers should also take the test 10) users can choose the singoreport report system independently developed by our company to edit and print reports to provide a comfortable and convenient operating environment for operators. In this way, the subjective initiative of the operator can be mobilized to maximize the efficiency of the machine. The research in this field in China is far behind that in advanced countries, which needs further research and solution in the future

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