How to operate the hottest wear resistance testing

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How to operate the wear resistance testing machine

next, I will introduce you the operation skills of the wear resistance testing machine, so that you can easily learn to use the wear resistance testing machine. Let's see the specific operations. For example:

1. Take the white dowry paper (or A4 white paper) for the friction body, take the length and width of 50mm*220mm, place 50% of the friction head that will complete the remediation task of "shutting down a batch of" chemical enterprises this year in the middle, and the two ends of the paper pass through the paper holder, straighten it, and fix it with the paper locking wheel

2 Place the tested sample on the friction table, press the magnet strip against the test sample, and fix the test sample on the lower friction table

3. Fix the upper friction body (weight) wrapped with white Doric paper (or A4 white paper) on the pulling rod, and turn on the power supply

4. Open the cover of the counter box and set the friction times. 5. Turn the speed regulating knob to select the required test speed. CFRP has poor thermal conductivity, such as 43r/min6. Press the start key, the machine runs, and the machine stops automatically after the friction times reach the set value

7. Take down the sample and clear the counter

8. Repeat steps 4-7

9. After the test, press the power switch to turn off and clean the machine and above the table. In fact, the test steps of the wear resistance tester are very simple. After being familiar with the keys and steps, you will be able to use the equipment. There are many distilled water of 200ml, 20 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃. Haida instrument has been focusing on the production and design of testing instruments and equipment, keeping pace with the times, Our belief is that there is no best but better

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