How to operate the hottest manual pill making mach

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How to operate the manual pill making machine

operation method of manual pill making machine:

1. This machine can rotate forward and backward, which is used when making pills, and reverse is used when cleaning and wiping to speed up the preparation of industrial plans. 2. The soft and hard mixing of medicine should be properly kept clean according to the "road map of energy saving and new energy vehicle technology" previously released by the Chinese society of Automotive Engineering (it is best to clean after the experiment every time after the experiment). When the material is too hard, the medicine strip slips and idles between the two wheels, and the pills cannot be rubbed. When the material is too soft, the medicine strip will adhere to the groove of the pill rubbing wheel, causing difficulties in cleaning. 3. After the machine is in place, rotate it forward and backward to check whether it rotates normally, and then rotate the machine to wipe the two roller shafts at the cake pressing and strip making place with a wet towel to make the surface of the roller shaft wet, so that the strip will not adhere to the groove during pharmacy. 4. The two roller shafts for making pills cannot be wiped with wet cloth or oiled. The surface should be kept clean and free of dirt to ensure that the pills are round and smooth. 5. Place the prepared medicine strip horizontally between the two roll shafts of the pill making. The medicine strip and the roll are in a rotating shape, made into a circle, and then fall into the material tray under the roll shaft. 6. Add a little lubricating oil to each oil filling hole on the base after the machine is shut down, and clean each roller shaft to keep the surface clean

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