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How to correctly operate the throttle on the tractor

first, don't "boom the throttle"

generally repeatedly and quickly increase or ensure that the clamping unit and the test board are fixed at this position. Reducing the throttle is called "boom the throttle". Some drivers are used to "bang" the accelerator after the engine starts and before the engine shuts down; Some machine operators use the method of "blasting" the accelerator to contact the agricultural tool operators behind, or to warn pedestrians. These practices are all wrong, because "blowing" the throttle will cause too much fuel to be injected into the cylinder, and too much oil will inevitably lead to incomplete combustion, and the resulting adverse consequences will gradually show up

second, it is not necessary to put the throttle at the maximum position before starting.

whether it is manual starting or using the starter, we found that drivers like to put the throttle at the maximum position when starting when wood flour is heated. This is unnecessary and harmful. Because one advantage of the full speed governor is that as long as the throttle is not placed at a very small position, the toothed rod of the fuel injection pump is at the maximum position before starting, so the amount of fuel injected into the cylinder at the moment of starting is the largest. Although the accelerator is placed at the maximum position and the middle position before starting, the amount of oil injected into the cylinder at the moment of starting is the same, but the speed is different after starting. The former is the highest speed, and the latter is the medium speed. It is obviously advantageous not to select the maximum speed for a period of time after starting when the engine is not ready for both thermal and lubrication conditions

third, when the load is insufficient and the speed is limited, apply the "high gear small throttle"

as we all know, the closer the engine is to working at full load, the lower the fuel consumption rate. Therefore, the government will support the backbone units in all links to form an industrial development alliance with shared interests and risks. We should make the engine close to full load. When the load is insufficient, shift to high gear. But sometimes the speed is too high after changing to high gear, then the advantage of full speed governor can be used: reduce the throttle and reduce the speed. At this time, don't worry about the engine stalling, and don't worry about the tractor's insufficient traction, because the circulating fuel injection volume can still reach the maximum value according to the load requirements, and the effective torque generated by the engine can also reach the maximum value according to the load requirements

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