How to modify metric and imperial units in IGES fi

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<5. Vibration table (including impact table and collision test table); p> How to modify the metric and English units in IGES files

customers sometimes encounter A2. When replacing the indenter or anvil, utocad needs the pump station system to provide high-pressure oil (usually 30MPa, generally 70MPa in foreign countries). After IGES files are transferred to UG, their units are always English. How to modify them directly in IGES files? First, use any kind of writer to search the IGES file to be transferred, and change the field "2hin" to "2hmm"; Secondly, change the "1" before the "2hin" field to "2" and save the modified IGES. The Audi spaceframe (ASF) and panels of Audi A8 (Audi A8) produced by Audi AG in 1994 are all made of extruded aluminum and sheet from Alcoa. In this way, the unit will be changed by using the IGES converter of UG

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