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How can the operator of the hot blast stove of the dryer operate correctly

whether the overall performance of the slime dryer can play the same control function in the hands of the operator can not be ignored. Now Keheng will show you the requirements for the operator to operate the hot blast stove. 1、 Personal quality requirements: 1 Generally, the hot blast stove operators are under the age of 50, healthy and able to adapt to the special environment of the workshop. 2 The safety of operating the mineral powder dryer is the first, and so is the slime dryer. The high heart and rigorous working attitude of the hot blast stove operator are the premise to ensure that there is no failure in the special operation of the slime dryer. 3. The dryer is a large-scale equipment, which cannot be fully operated by one person. It requires operators to abide by labor discipline, have teamwork spirit and tacit cooperation. 4. The enthusiasm with excellent learning ability and hard-working attitude has contributed its own pneumatic blast furnace operators to the development of national scientific and technological innovation ability. Only by constantly learning new technologies and knowledge can it be expected that the billet market will be dominated by narrow consolidation in a short time to drive new hot blast furnace equipment. Three cylinder dryer [/url] II. Technical requirements: 1 The hot blast stove of the dryer must be operated with a stoker certificate. 2. Be able to safely operate, maintain and fill in relevant equipment operation records for the hot blast stove and related equipment of the dryer, so as to ensure that the hot blast required for production is provided. 3. Strictly implement the operating procedures of the hot blast stove and maintain the negative pressure operation in the dryer stove. 4. During the operation of the hot blast stove, there is no fault operation, unexpected shutdown or emergencies, and various accidents can be prevented in advance according to experience, and the abnormal phenomena of the dryer can be handled in time. 5. Use coal reasonably to minimize the energy consumption of the dryer. In short, the purpose of these requirements is to make the whole slime dryer system operate safely and normally. Keheng reminded that if your equipment does not have a highly skilled operator, it may affect the life of the whole dryer equipment. While maintaining the dryer equipment according to the specific provisions of dryer maintenance, improving the technical level of operation cannot be ignored

source: Zhengzhou 314 thermal insulation plastering system composed of mineral cementitious materials and EPS aggregates Keheng Equipment Co., Ltd

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