How to operate and maintain the diaphragm metering

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How to operate and maintain the pump (diaphragm metering pump)

(I) start up:

1. Before starting up, press the compensation valve rod by hand with the pressure testing machine series, etc. at this time, fill the membrane cavity with oil while discharging the gas in the membrane cavity until the bubbles no longer rise

2. After start-up, when the plunger of the pump is in suction motion (there is no pressure in the discharge pipe), press the compensation valve rod open with the above method, and act several times to make the safety valve jump open, so that the air at the safety valve is discharged until the bubble is discharged

3. If there is impact sound or vibration at this time, it indicates that the oil quantity is too much. When the plunger is making the discharge stroke, gently press the compensation valve rod by hand to discharge the oil for a short time until the vibration or impact sound is eliminated and the pump operates smoothly

(II) shutdown:

cut off the power supply and stop the pump

close the inlet and outlet pipeline valves, and do not adopt the speed feedback unit to carry out closed-loop control on the electromechanical speed. Pay attention to opening it before starting the bomb

(III) maintenance:

1. Lubricating oil replacement: replace the lubricating oil once a month, and add a qualified amount of 23# or 30# machine oil

during the operation of the pump, the temperature of main parts is specified: the maximum allowable temperature of the motor is 70 ℃; Adjust the lubricating oil temperature in the base to not exceed 65 ℃; The filler and temperature shall not exceed 70 ℃

2. Leakage volume: the pump can be read from the digital display or computer during normal operation, and its leakage volume shall not exceed 15 drops per minute. For those in 2) and 3) that exceed the standard, contact the relevant unit with the return pressure and confirm the value of the originally recorded control signal to deal with it, so as to eliminate the hidden dangers

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