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How can the cold transfer printing process obtain the core competitiveness of the industry?

C record data ooltrans cold transfer printing technology is developed to meet the current innovation needs, which can solve the technology of printing environmental protection, cleaner production and high-precision printing. Talking about the original intention of developing cold transfer printing technology, Chen Guiwu, vice chairman of Shanghai Changsheng textile products Co., Ltd., said. Indeed, as a high pollution link in the textile chain, how to make printing and dyeing achieve twice the result with half the effort is what enterprises pursue, and how to develop printing and dyeing technology efficiently and environmentally friendly is the goal that every enterprise with a sense of society should pursue

low cost, high output, energy conservation and environmental protection are a group of words that Chen Guiwu mentioned when talking about cooltrans cold transfer printing process. The wavelength with the highest rate of 1064 nm is harmful to human skin and eyes. It can promote the core competitiveness of the textile industry and improve the added value of products. Chen Guiwu said proudly. In order to further explain how the cold transfer printing process obtains the core competitiveness of the industry, Chen Guiwu brings together the technological innovation achievements, market comparative advantages and social and economic benefits achieved by Changsheng in the past six years

process characteristics establish market value

cold transfer printing of natural fiber fabrics from Europe. Its process principle is to first print the color paste of water-soluble reactive dyes into transfer printing paper, and then combine the pretreatment of the fabric with the transfer printing paper, and apply a certain pressure. The pretreatment liquid carried by the fabric dissolves the color paste on the transfer printing paper. Under certain pressure, because the affinity of the dye to the fabric is greater than that of the transfer paper, the dye is transferred to the fabric and enters the fabric gap, forming the finished product after solid color washing. Chen Guiwu briefly introduced the principle of cold transfer printing process

cooltrans cold transfer printing process has continuously innovated and developed the key processes and equipment of cold transfer printing, forming a complete set of technological breakthroughs from transfer paper production to printing products, and from printing machine to transfer machine, realizing the market-oriented large-scale production of cold transfer printing products. Talking about the characteristics of cooltrans cold transfer printing process, Chen Guiwu is not stingy. Generally, it only takes one time to introduce the four characteristics of the process in detail

first, cooltrans cold transfer printing paper. In the cold transfer printing process, the patterns and patterns should be printed on the cold transfer printing paper through water-soluble reactive dye paste to form a layer of pattern film with bright colors and patterns; Then it is transferred to the fabric surface by transfer paper. Therefore, the transfer performance of the surface coating of transfer printing paper plays a key role in the reproducibility of printing pattern. Through the continuous development from a single isolation coating to a composite coating, Changsheng's R & D team finally innovatively developed the isolation agent of acrylic acid and styrene copolymer system and the hydrophobic acrylic resin hydrophilic acrylic resin composite isolation agent, and solved one of the core problems of cold transfer printing, that is, the production of high-quality transfer carriers. In order to achieve high efficiency and high transfer rate, High quality transfer printing has laid the foundation for production

in terms of pretreatment and paste for cooltrans cold transfer printing, Changsheng cold transfer printing process has developed a quaternary ammonium compound pretreatment agent to increase the adsorption of dyes on the fabric to be printed. On the one hand, it can improve the transfer speed, on the other hand, it can increase the adsorption of dyes on the cloth surface, which can well control the permeability of printed patterns on the cloth surface and the diffusion of fine lines. So as to improve the high coloring rate and fixation rate, and reduce the dye residue in the washing wastewater

in the process of printing cooltrans cold transfer printing paper, Changsheng developed the technology of producing all cotton transfer printing paper with gravure printing machine, and prepared the water-based environmental protection ink paste required by the gravure cold transfer printing paper, which can be printed at high speed to produce high-precision and hierarchical transfer printing paper. In addition, the company also produces cooltrans cold transfer printing paper through the improvement of flexographic printing machinery, the adoption of reasonable process flow and the application of improved dyes. In the process of fabric pretreatment, Changsheng developed and designed the pretreatment equipment for cold transfer printing, which can accurately control the amount of pretreatment liquid on the fabric, make the dye on the transfer paper fully dissolve, and make the fiber fully ionized. So as to improve the color gain of the fabric surface during transfer printing and avoid infiltration. In the transfer printing process, the company has successively developed roll transfer devices and blanket belt transfer devices for cold transfer printing. By repeatedly testing different models and determining the specific construction conditions of different fabrics and varieties, Changsheng has found a balance between production efficiency, transfer rate and product quality

in order to meet the growing market demand for small batch and multi variety products, they also combined cold transfer printing with inkjet printing and developed cooltrans cold transfer digital inkjet printing. It solves the problems of long delivery time and long production cycle of small batch orders, and meets the needs of product specialization. This technology can be used as the digital sample preparation process of soft and intaglio cold transfer printing pre production factory

environmental friendly water-based materials highlight their comparative advantages

for the industry, the name of cold transfer printing technology is not unfamiliar. Previously, many enterprises have taken it as the focus of promoting new products. What are the advantages of Changsheng's cooltrans cold transfer printing technology? Has it broken through some bottlenecks in this field

compared with other similar cold transfer printing technologies, our raw materials are environmentally friendly water-based materials. Generally, non-aqueous solvents are used as ink solvents or separators, but these solvents are harmful to the health of operators and the environment, the solvents are not easy to recover, and the cost is difficult to reduce. The traditional digital ink-jet printing also often meets with thick fabrics that are difficult to deal with, or the scurf on the cloth is easy to cause nozzle blockage, or it is difficult to spray fine printing effect on jacquard fabrics. These problems can be solved in our cooltrans cold transfer printing technology. Chen Guiwu said

after continuous experimental use, Changsheng's R & D team found that using the third generation blanket belt transfer machine can quickly produce exquisite transfer printing products, and after large-scale production practice, its comprehensive yield can reach 99%. Chen Guiwu said that the printing production speed of the production line built with cooltrans cold transfer printing process is more than three times that of the previously imported equipment in Europe. The printed products can be comparable with the fineness and halftone photographic effect of digital printing. Compared with digital printing, cooltrans cold transfer printing has low cost and high output

correct cognition is not at a loss to enter

no matter what technology, its market application prospects and economic benefits must be the most concerned by enterprises. Chen Guiwu is also very confident about this. Cooltrans cold transfer printing has been put into production for 4 to 5 years, and has achieved industrial production. Customers are very satisfied with the effect of the finished printing. In addition to the printing and processing business of fabrics, due to the needs of customers and the market, the company launched a new business of cold transfer printing equipment and consumables two years ago

the market demand for cooltrans cold transfer technology with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection has further increased. The reason is that domestic environmental protection departments are constantly strengthening supervision, while foreign brand manufacturers are paying attention to sustainable development. Chen Guiwu further explained

in terms of market access for relevant enterprises, Chen Guiwu sincerely said that cooltrans cold transfer printing is a revolutionary printing technology, but it can not replace the traditional printing process as some people said. Cold transfer printing only adds a new chapter to the current numerous printing technologies, which is a new printing technology that has not been found in textile textbooks, and provides a photo level three-dimensional printing effect for the industry, There is a new choice, which can save energy, low-carbon and environmental protection at the same time. The scale of enterprises is large and small. The most important thing is to see the intensity of market development. Of course, large enterprises have advantages in this regard

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