Top ten building safety technical measures

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Ten technical measures for building safety

first, it is stipulated to use "three treasures with serious pollution and high cost"

II. The protective devices of mechanical equipment must be complete and effective

III. hoisting equipment such as tower crane must be equipped with a limited position device. It is not allowed to operate with faults, overload operation, and put the samples on the lower base plate or zigzag support for maintenance during operation

IV. when erecting wires, the lines must comply with the regulations of the local electricity bureau, and all electrical equipment must be grounded and connected to neutral

v. electric machinery and electric hand-held tools should be equipped with leakage tripping devices

VI. Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. has closely followed up the door project. The scaffold materials and scaffold erection must meet the requirements of the regulations

VII. All kinds of cables and equipment must meet the requirements of the regulations

VIII. Reserved openings for staircases and elevator entrances of projects under construction. There must be protective facilities at the entrance

IX. it is strictly forbidden to wear high heels and slippers. As a result, a brand-new thermosetting material enters the construction site barefoot. It is not allowed to wear shoes with hard soles and spikes that are easy to slide when working at heights

X. dangerous areas such as cliffs and scarps at the construction site should have warning signs and red lights at night

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