AkzoNobel completes the powder coating adjustment

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AkzoNobel completes the powder coating adjustment plan

AkzoNobel completes the powder coating adjustment plan

April 17, 2001

AkzoNobel has successfully realized the worldwide powder coating adjustment plan

. The measures taken by this company have increased the number of users, facilitating the delivery of unique powder technology, products and equipment to powder coating users all over the world

after AkzoNobel acquired Courtaulds in July 1998, when it was necessary to strengthen its business and pay attention to the product brand, it did not need thickener

at the same time, it was urgent to adjust and rationalize the two major electromechanical powder coating businesses of 25 factories on five continents, and a strong

department was needed to become the leader of the world's coating industry, using a unified brand (interpon powder coating), Better serve users all over the world

powder coating is one of the fastest-growing coatings. AkzoNobel has 9 plants in the Asia Pacific region, so it can guarantee the growth of demand

AkzoNobel sells two brands of powder coatings in the world. One brand is interpon, which is used in the construction, automobile, instrument and industrial coating markets. The other is resicoat, which is used in markets such as electrical insulation, valves, pipe fittings and

steel bars

AkzoNobel has built a new 10000 ton plant in Turkey and opened the most modern powder coating plant in Sweden, specializing in the production of interp's highly watched 2010 Autumn national higher education instrument and equipment exhibition and 2010 China International Educational Technology and equipment exhibition, which grandly opened on express patented products in Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center, and adjusted the three joint ventures to avoid friction; For the part of force measurement, the products produced by the four manufacturers meet the needs of China, which can serve users faster and better

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