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Get started with Dapeng positioning version steam VR e3p 360 ° reality VR glasses evaluation of advantages and disadvantages

Dapeng hot sales recommendation: Dapeng VR e3p 360 ° multiplayer positioning steam game set rhythm lightsaber virtual reality VR glasses, how about this Dapeng E3 360 ° positioning set, is it easy to use? Let's take a look at the first-hand experience, detailed configuration parameters and user comments, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, which may help you choose Dapen E3 360 ° positioning package for reference

first, the airworthiness qualified supplier qualification certification ° positioning set of Dapeng E3 360 accelerated series of products. First hand experience:

this Dapeng E3 360 ° positioning set has good functions. My friend is using this one. He said it's very useful and recommended it to me. Later, I started this Dapeng E3 360 ° positioning set. It's really cool to watch movies, but it's cool to download the movie locally, especially 4K. I've also experienced two games. VR games are really fun. Unfortunately, I'm not too used to them, and I'm gradually adapting. Co organizers: Central Plains University in Taiwan, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University, South China University of technology, central China University of science and technology, Tsinghua University in Taiwan said that this set of equipment has good cost performance and high playability. They are looking forward to launching higher resolution and simpler products in general Expand to view more details of advantages and disadvantages evaluation

II. Detailed configuration of Dapeng E3 360 ° positioning set:

III. evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of Dapeng E3 360 ° positioning set:

1. It's not bad. The details are well done, because I haven't experienced other brands, my personal experience is OK, the definition is very high, the sense of granularity is not obvious, and the adaptation process took a lot of time, because there is no problem with the compatible steam game platform, Dapeng assistant's film and television resources are also good, that is, the format of playing local films is limited, RMVB format is incompatible, generally speaking, it is relatively moderate, customer service is relatively enthusiastic, the group is relatively cold, and the support is not bad

2. Baby received it the next day and tried it. It's generally good, and the setting is relatively low. At present, the recovery rate is still relatively low. It's simple, but it's troublesome to locate, and there's no sound when inserting headphones. Now it can only be played out. I'll see if it can be set up in a few days. The picture is clear, and I'm not afraid of dizziness. It's still good. Try it for a few days and then follow up

both graphene powder and graphene film have many shortcomings

3. It takes three days to comment. The overall is very good, the helmet is not so heavy, and two base station brackets are also sent. It is very smooth to play games, but the computer configuration is high. My room is small, there will be dead corners, and it is required that the room is 3x3 meters, and there are no obstacles in the middle. Check the quotation of Datang e3p 360 ° after the latest tmall coupon

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