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The morning test questions and reference answers of the database system engineer Quanzhen prediction test paper

1. The test questions in this paper have a total of 75 spaces, which need to be answered completely. Each space is 1 point, and the full score is 75 points

2. The degradation rate of each "PLA biodegradable wire" reaches 90%. The space corresponds to a serial number. There are four options: A, B, C and D. please choose the most appropriate option as the answer

● "the patent law of the people's Republic of China") and its implementation provisions, the basis for determining the scope of protection of the patent right for invention and utility model is (1). The patent law of the people's Republic of China) stipulates that the limitation of action for patent infringement is (2) from the date when the patentee or the interested party knows or should know of the infringement.

(1) A. description B. request C. claim D. attached drawings

(2) A. Six months b.18 months C. four years D. two years

● the position of is09000-3 in eis09000 family standards. It is the (4) standard implemented by computer software institutions in recent years. Because (5) standard was originally formulated for traditional manufacturing industry, and the software industry has many characteristics different from manufacturing industry (6) as a bridge (7) The whole software life cycle is divided into 17 processes, and each process is specifically explained according to the three levels of "process activity task", which provides help for us to further understand is

(3) a.is090011 B.I zigzag, etc. s09001 d.is0/iecl2207

(4) A. guiding B. general C. detailed D. different

(5) a.iso9000 b.iso9001 c.is09002

(6) a.is09001 b.iso c.iso/icel2207 d.iso9002

(7) a, is b.is09000 c.1s09002 d.iso/iec12207

● structured query language SQL is a (8) language, and its main functions are (9), Its typical sentence pattern is select A1, A2,..., an

from R1, R2,..., RM

where f

where a1, A2,..., an and F are (10) respectively

in the relational model SCS (SnO, CNO, score), SnO is the student number, CNO is the course number, and score is the score. To query the average score of each course, the query results are required to be arranged in ascending order of average score. If the average score is the same, it is arranged in descending order according to the course number, which can be written as (11) in SQL language. If the query result is limited to those with an average score of more than 85 points, it should be (12)

(8) A. artificial intelligence B. relational database C. functional D. advanced algorithm

(9) A. data definition, data operation, data security B. data security, data, data concurrency control

c. data definition, data operation, data control in 2015 D. data query, data update, data input and output

(10) a. target table column name, basic table name, logical expression

b. target table column name, basic table name Numerical expression

c. basic table name, target table column name, logical expression

d. basic table name, target table column name, numerical expression

(11) CNO, AVG (score) b.seiect CNO, AVG (score)

from SCs from scs

group by score group by cno

order by 2, CNO desc order by 2, CNO desc <./p> CNO, AVG (score) CNO, AVG(Score)




(12) A. add: where AVG (*) 85

b. add: where AVG (score) 85

c. add: having AVG (score) 85

d. add: having AVG (scsre) 85

to the next line of the from clause. ● windows nt or Windows 2000 are currently popular class I operating systems.(13) is the real center of Windows NT, It provides a set of operating system primitives and mechanisms. Windows NT adopts thread mechanism to improve the (14) of the system. NT adopts the scheme based on (15) to select the order of thread execution

(13) A. process B. kernel C. thread D. process

(14) A. parallelism B. reliability C. robustness D. compatibility

(15) A. first come first serve B. time slice rotation C. random selection D. priority

● local area is a hot spot in current computer network research and application, and traditional Ethernet conforming to feee802.3 standard is the most widely used. It adopts method (16) in MAC layer and (17) standard in physical layer. With the development of network technology and the application of large-scale information system and multimedia technology, high-speed local area products such as FastEthernet, switching LAN and (18) have emerged to meet people's higher needs. They meet the (19) standard (16) The method does not meet the requirements of heavy load and real-time communication (18) Cell as the basic unit of data transmission is inconsistent with Ethernet frame structure, but it has the advantages of high bandwidth, low delay, dynamic allocation of bandwidth and so on

(16)A.FDDI B. Token-Ring C.CSMA/CD D.TokenBus


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