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Zhongda Diantong builds an intelligent "brain" for pharmaceutical machines

(Nanjing, China, March 2010) China's leading provider of industrial automation integration solutions, Zhongda Diantong integrates the electromechanical products of its parent company Delta Electronics to create an intelligent brain electrical control system for pharmaceutical machinery, which greatly improves the automation of pill microwave drying equipment and its technical content and grade, The drying efficiency and yield of pills have been qualitatively improved

in the production of pills, drying is the last process, and the stability of drying process control determines the quality of products to some extent, so it is very important to carry out automatic control of drying process. Microwave drying of pills is a new drying technology, which has the advantages of uniform heating, fast drying speed, no discoloration, good quality and convenient for large-scale production. The speed of microwave drying of drugs is times faster than that of common convection drying, and the energy consumption is reduced by more than 30% compared with far-infrared and steam drying. At the same time, due to the uniform drying, the yield of drugs is improved

however, at present, the electrical control system of microwave drying equipment on the market mainly adopts manual and semi-automatic operation, and the correlation between parameters depends on manual judgment and operation, which objectively affects product quality and production efficiency. Only by improving the level of automatic control, improving product quality and yield, and eliminating equipment failures as soon as possible, can these drying equipment take the lead in the future market. Therefore, as a microwave drying equipment, the degree of automation of brain electrical control system plays a vital role in determining the quality of pills

in this project, the tunnel pill microwave drying equipment adopts Delta small 64 point PLC (64eh00r2), digital input module (16hm11n*3), analog input and output module (06xa-h2), B series touch screen (b07s200), M series frequency converter (015m43a*2), 360 line incremental coder (esccn8942) to form the electrical control system, The incremental encoder fixed on the main drive shaft driven by the frequency converter calculates and judges the position of the material after feeding. Four AI channels are connected with four groups of thermocouples to collect the temperature and transmit it to the PLC. The PLC output point controls the on-off of the solid-state relay, so as to control the on-off of the magnetron to realize heating or shutdown. Two Ao channels are connected to the analog input port of M series frequency converter to control the belt speed of the main drive

after adopting the control system designed by Zhongda Diantong, the automatic control level of the tunnel pill microwave drying equipment has been greatly improved. It has a series of advantages, such as high efficiency, fast speed, convenient operation, uniformity and thoroughness, time-saving and energy-saving, easy to control, safety and health, and has achieved the expected production goals for most pill production

medicine is the foundation of curing diseases and saving people. With the help of the complete mechanical and electrical products of the parent company Delta Electronics, Zhongda Diantong provides complete automation solutions for pharmaceutical machinery, and uses its strength to help pharmaceutical manufacturers improve the automation level of equipment, improve the quality and yield of products, and provide reassuring drugs for the public

About Delta Electronics Group founded in 1971, Delta Electronics has become the world's largest ODM power supplier and a major supplier in the fields of DC fans, consumer electronic components, video, communication networks and industrial automation. In 2008, the group's revenue exceeded US $5.3 billion

delta takes environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth as its business mission, and is committed to improving product efficiency and developing alternative energy products similar to the lattice steel beams and pillars that provide support and balance for the Eiffel Tower, and implementing the concept of green product design and production. Since 2006, the new global factory offices have adopted the concept of green buildings. Delta Tainan factory is the first factory building in Taiwan to obtain the certification of the golden green building logo, which saves 30% of energy and 40% of water resources compared with ordinary buildings

in the field of industrial automation, Delta, with its accumulated professional experience in power electronics and control technology, has continuously expanded its product line since it began to produce frequency converters in 1995. So far, it has a complete series of advanced and reliable automation products in three categories: drive, control and motion, and is promoting the continuous progress of automation technology in the world with infinite innovation

about Zhongda Diantong

Zhongda Diantong Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 1992, with the mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth. It is committed to the perfect combination of energy-efficient technology and application engineering, and provides industrial users with high-quality and environmental friendly power energy, video display, industrial automation integration solutions and services

Zhongda Diantong has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and other international certifications, and is the first to implement the EU ROHS directive. It has established a supplier evaluation system to ensure that the production raw materials meet the relevant environmental protection specifications and provide industrial users with high-quality and environmental protection technology products. 35 branches and service points across the country can respond to customer needs in time and create competitive advantages

in the field of industrial automation, with high-quality products and in-depth understanding of the industry process, Zhongda Diantong provides customized integration solutions and global joint protection services. It is necessary to prompt users to make corresponding corrections to safety parameters for a wide range of experimental procedures. It may be necessary to actively update and set safety parameters according to the applied sensors. Customers in large industries have spoken highly of it, and the customer fields cover many industries, such as textiles, machine tools, printing, packaging, buildings, machinery and so on

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