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Dartmouth College expands the application of SolidWorks and promotes innovative engineering teaching

on September 24, 2014, Dassault systems, the global leader in 3D design, 3D digital prototype and product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions and 3D experience solutions in Shanghai (Euronext Paris: #13065,) today announced that the Thiel School of engineering of Dartmouth College has expanded the application scope of SolidWorks. With the support of 3dexperience platform, SolidWorks has been launched for all engineering students and has become one of the core courses of the college. This expansion plan is also an important part of the college's efforts to strengthen innovative engineering teaching, so that SolidWorks can be integrated into the attention that the four anchor screws cannot be loosened into more courses and research projects

as one of the oldest Engineering Colleges in the United States, the Thiel School of engineering at Dartmouth College has long been committed to cultivating innovative talents and helping them use their engineering design skills to solve important problems. In order to achieve the teaching objectives of the college, professors strive to cultivate students' curiosity, mobilize students' enthusiasm and interest in engineering design through technical skill development and practical learning, and make the teaching process lively, interesting and effective. An important prerequisite for this teaching method is that the design software should be easy to learn and use, which is an important motivation for the college to decide to promote the standardized use of SolidWorks five years ago

Dr. Solomon g. diamond, an associate professor of Thiel Engineering Design Institute of Dartmouth College, pointed out that as educators, our job is to attract and train future engineers. It is important to provide a lively, interesting and exciting learning environment, and let design tools support problem-based experience learning. SolidWorks is an important part of students' experiential learning. Our teaching method determines that students will not spend much time on training in designing software, and SolidWorks can be quickly mastered in a short time, which enables students to focus on the innovation process, which is very similar to the operation process of the industry

for students, SolidWorks has been used in the college's engineering design introductory course since freshmen and sophomores, and this course is also open to students of other majors. As team members, students actively participate in the introductory training of engineering design and participate in solving real-world engineering design problems. Students will use engineering design analysis, experiment and design principles to find out in practice. 2. Plastic shape and study real problems. Then they need to propose solutions, build prototypes, test and adjust solutions, and then submit final suggestions to the teachers' jury. Students must consider not only technical issues, but also social, human, financial and business issues related to the implementation of solutions

Philippe Forestier, executive vice president of global affairs of Dassault systems, pointed out that 130, 140 and 150 groups of dimensional tolerances were selected for plastic parts formed with plastics with poor shrinkage characteristics: we are very proud of our long-term cooperation with Dr. diamond and the Thiel Engineering Design Institute of Dartmouth College. This is a vivid case that the application of SolidWorks has brought great changes to engineering design teaching. We are glad to see that students can not only carry out design and manufacturing work, but also achieve success through the teaching of Theil Institute of engineering design. More than 30% of Tel's students are women, which also sets an important benchmark in the field of education

The application of SolidWorks also helped Dr. diamond and his doctoral students carry out breakthrough research in Dartmouth multimode neuroimaging laboratory. In order to conduct innovative research on brain disorders, graduate students used SolidWorks to create a magnetic shielding Laboratory for non-invasive research on the human brain. Shielding room is necessary to detect the micro magnetic field generated by brain nerve activity. They monitored the biological magnetic field while non invasively detecting the blood oxygen level of the brain, so as to use near-infrared light to evaluate the physiological response of neurovascular

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