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[decode XCMG] XCMG upheaval: "careerist" Wang Min

[decode XCMG] XCMG upheaval: "careerist" Wang Min

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When did Wang Min start thinking: what should the leading enterprise in the industry look like? In other words, how can we be called an excellent or even great enterprise

XCMG's products have been exported to 182 countries and regions around the world. The picture shows the departure ceremony of XCMG's "industry's largest order"

the essence of the enterprise is only one -

in an instant, Wang Min has been in charge of XCMG for nearly 20 years

people who know XCMG more or less know that in 1999, Wang Min, who was only 45 years old, became the vice chairman and party secretary of the group, and took over the chairman of the group a year later. At that time, it was a real crisis appointment. At that time, the external economic environment was difficult, but XCMG's own problems were indeed many. The main problems were bad assets, uneven people's hearts, low product technology, poor quality and reliability, and lack of market competitiveness. Wang Min's position was not assigned by the leaders, but was elected by the cadres of XCMG organized by the Xuzhou municipal Party committee at that time by voting. In both ballots, Wang Min had the largest number of votes, and the municipal Party committee made the final decision

perhaps it is this "popular" election experience that gives Wang Min the confidence and prestige to make decisions on XCMG's development path and enterprise strategy in the future. At least at that time, as soon as Wang Minfu took office, he began a series of adjustments and reforms, and one of them had a deep impact on the future, that is, he put forward the product strategy of "three high and one large"

"the world's first crane" XCMG 4000 ton crawler crane is the world's first successful crane

what is "three high and one large"? High end, high added value, high reliability, large tonnage! Wang Min even unexpectedly proposed to benchmark with the first and best enterprises in the world. 20 years ago, XCMG with poor sensitivity of the dial pointer was unknown. Who was the best enterprise? Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr... These enterprises are still in the top brand position of construction machinery. At that time, when going out of China, most customers had not even heard of XCMG's name. The gap between the two sides is so large that it is better to directly say that it is wishful thinking

but Wang Min, who has the righteous feelings of hero researchers who mixed flame retardants and new hydrogels in experiments, obviously doesn't think so. He once said such a sentence in an exchange with the editor in chief of China's Electromechanical industry - "courage is sometimes more important than wisdom", which more or less reflects his mental journey when making this strategic deployment in that year. He will catch up with the target and clearly put forward at the first time: first place! In other words, from the beginning, Wang Min was determined to let XCMG compete with the international giants of the United States and Japan in the future

don't underestimate the power of idols. Under such high standards and strict requirements, XCMG has to some extent avoided the possibility of being confused by the small achievements in front of it and becoming complacent and stagnant, and then can keep running in the right direction

in April, 2018, China's largest 700 ton hydraulic excavator went offline.

in the historical data of XCMG, the product strategy of "three high and one large" was proposed in 2001. When Wang Minggang just took over and the enterprise just entered the 21st century, this strategy, known as "chairman of the board of directors No. 1 project", directly pointed to the core of enterprise development - products

for an enterprise, the product should be the most essential, which determines whether the enterprise can be based on the world, what kind of market and even social position it can be in, especially for the manufacturing industry. However, with the development and changes of the whole commercial civilization in recent years, this simple truth is sometimes ignored. Capital, shareholders, business model... A batch of fashionable concepts have become popular one after another. Of course, these can enable enterprises to make fast money in a short time, and even make a lot of money. But looking at those hundred year famous enterprises that have experienced the ups and downs of various times and can stand in the long river of history, all of them have achieved the world's top level in product quality

XCMG's cross-border merger and acquisition of three European enterprises including German schweiying company, the world's leading concrete machinery company, Wang Min once participated in a survey in the Middle East. He saw that an industrial pump in German schweiying has been running smoothly for decades, and the spare parts he bought are useless, which shocked him greatly, and he also saw the power brought by products alone

in the past 20 years, from the "three high and one large" strategy to the product gold standard of "leading technology and indestructible use" proposed by Wang Min in 2016, in his view, "leading technology" is the soul of moving towards the middle and high end, "indestructible use" is the lifeblood of the construction machinery industry, and XCMG has never relaxed its pursuit of high-end products and technology. This lies in XCMG, which is not only the foundation and confidence, but also an important part of achieving its own goals

"careerist" Wang Min --

I don't know this problem. When did Wang Min start thinking: what should the leading enterprise in the industry look like? In other words, what can we do to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with customers in order to be called an excellent or even great enterprise

maybe after every thought of Wang Min, the answer will be different, but there is no doubt that in Wang Min's vision, XCMG will become an outstanding, great and famous public welfare fund, and began to enter the enterprises of Sichuan University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Fujian Normal University, Fuzhou University, Peking University, Xiamen University and other universities. This is Wang Min's "ambition". Through 20 years and a whole generation, he has transmitted this belief and hope to every corner of XCMG

XCMG's high-quality products have won praise from customers all over the world. The picture shows Wang Min, chairman of XCMG group, and foreign guests at the XCMG exhibition area at the International Construction Machinery Expo. Referring to the world famous enterprises that have been "listed", XCMG is constantly observing, learning, catching up, and even imitating. In combination with the industrial characteristics of construction machinery and China's national conditions, XCMG gradually finds and establishes its own position. Of course, such positioning will also be adjusted and changed, but the general direction is always there

scale is undoubtedly extremely important. Operating income and profit... These are the most basic reference conditions for judging an enterprise. XCMG has become No.1 in China's construction machinery industry as early as many years ago. Although there are many competitors, XCMG has always been the number one, the facade, the benchmark of the whole industry, and the object of imitation and pursuit of many domestic enterprises. But is that enough

in Wang Min's heart, there is always a sense of crisis. This has a lot to do with the history of XCMG. Since 1989, "three factories and one institute" (Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Factory, Xuzhou loader factory, Xuzhou Construction machinery manufacturing factory and Xuzhou Construction Machinery Research Institute) merged to form a group, XCMG has been in the first group and leader of the domestic industry

"born first, but what's the use of that?" Wang Min didn't feel so happy because of the simple scale victory. Foreign enterprises better than XCMG didn't pay attention to XCMG, but in China, there were a group of younger enterprises behind him who couldn't give up. XCMG was caught in the cracks and didn't hesitate to try and make mistakes

Zhou tiegen, the then mayor of Xuzhou, inspected schweiying and praised the development and changes of the enterprise.

XCMG also put forward hard and high requirements for scale and operating income. Even now, it can be found that in 2011, XCMG put forward the target of 300billion sales revenue in five years, which was undoubtedly affected by the irrational and crazy development of the industry in those years, because the whole construction machinery industry cooled rapidly in the next year, Experienced the cliff like and waist blocking decline, which also poured a basin of cold water on the head of many hot headed enterprises in the industry

how can enterprises stay awake when the industry feast is crazy? How should we persist in the avalanche depression? Or more specifically, when the industry is in short supply, what should enterprises do in addition to expanding production capacity and working overtime? When the industry gets worse, in addition to reducing costs and struggling to survive, what can enterprises do

Wang Min must have thought that maybe it was the years when the whole industry collapsed, maybe earlier. The soaring progress in numbers has long been unable to satisfy him. This is a one-sided, flawed, and even seductive victory. A truly great enterprise should not be so narrow, but should have a higher-level pursuit

XCMG crane equipment

"not fast, but more solid, powerful and sustainable."

fortunately, XCMG had prepared for it, or had a foundation and precipitation

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