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Danfoss AFE (active front end) frequency converter will be launched soon

afe (active front end) means active front end -- rectification/feedback unit. In terms of structure, due to the use of IGBT power components, it is equivalent to an inverter. Compared with the usual inverter unit, the other is located on the incoming side of the power supply, with AC input and DC output, so it is called the front end. Its active meaning is that, compared with the traditional diode or thyristor adjusted and added proportional silicon rectification technology, the active front-end no longer passively converts AC into DC, but has many active control functions: it can not only eliminate high-order harmonics and improve the power factor, but also is not affected by radio waves, and has excellent dynamic characteristics. The working principle of the active front end (AFE) rectifier unit can be briefly described as: a combined with the shed renovation and anti-seismic housing projects, the Fe rectifier unit draws sine wave AC from the electricity, outputs DC voltage after rectification, and maintains the required voltage value. Each harmonic is deleted by the filter circuit.

AFE advantages

no harmonic pollution

maintain cos =1

current management function (LCM)

no commutation failure

even in the case of electrode instability, The voltage controller can still maintain a constant DC link voltage

distance from the top of the clip arc to the bottom of the paddle B

optional RFI anti wireless interference filter

dynamic performance

AFE application scope is generally: transmission chain system, lifting equipment, straight and horizontal paper cutting machine, solar photovoltaic application technology, sugar centrifuge, sugar crusher, locomotive test bed, wind power generation. AFE can feed back energy to electricity to achieve the purpose of energy saving. AFE has a very efficient use value in occasions with very high requirements for power quality. In the variable frequency speed regulation system with large moment of inertia, AFE can not only improve the braking performance of the system, but also achieve the purpose of energy saving

Danfoss PE department approved the AFE inverter Development Project in 2012. At present, it is progressing smoothly and the prototype test is under way

the planned launch time of the product is as follows:

it is 10 points to formulate different protection and maintenance schemes in 2014. It is necessary to T5 (V) kW in January; T7 (V) kW

T5 kW in July 2014; T7 kW

T5 kW in January 2015; T7 kW and options

Danfoss AFE inverter products include fc302/202/102, which has two performances of energy feedback and low harmonic (5% thid). At the same time, Danfoss inverter has other advantages such as small size and high efficiency. It is mainly used in applications requiring energy feedback or low harmonic, such as lifting, chemical fiber drafting, centrifuges and low harmonic requirements

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