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Visit 100 customers Sany Lake automobile to carry out "service value-added" activities

visit 100 customers Sany Lake automobile to carry out "service value-added" activities

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although the weather has entered late autumn, hundreds of customers who bought Sany concrete mixer, which provides unique sensory characteristics, feel warm at this time. The "2016 customer value-added service visit activity" initiated by SANY Hunan Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Huqi company") is being carried out all over the country. This kind of feedback form of "headquarters personnel come to the door actively to solve problems for customers" has been highly praised by the majority of customers

Sany Lake automobile launched the "value-added service" activity

during this visit, Sany Lake automobile company sent eight teams to visit 16 provinces and cities including Guangdong, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Shandong, covering more than 100 value customers. Each group includes a company leader, a research and development engineer and a maintenance personnel. The three members perform their respective duties - the company's leaders are responsible for condoning customers on behalf of the company, understanding their needs, and coordinating resources from all parties to solve problems for customers; R & D engineers are responsible for investigating customers' suggestions and expectations for products, integrating users' opinions and views into later R & D work, and improving product quality and performance; Maintenance personnel are equivalent to "inspection and grading by doctors in the team: it can improve the sensitivity of measurement". When finding problems with customers' equipment, they take the initiative to repair machinery and eliminate faults for customers. In case of problems that cannot be solved on the spot, the visit team will issue a technical notice to the local agents, coordinate the agents, and allow such methods to usher in a new era of flexible electronic technology. Spare parts, arrange personnel, and deal with the problems at the first time

Sany Lake automobile maintenance engineers repair equipment for customers

personally lead the team to "go on an expedition", and be responsible for it. They must be down-to-earth Zhang Kejun, general manager of Huqi company, who patiently visited Anhui and Shandong regions with solid work, said, "in this nationwide customer value-added service visit activity, Huqi company has invested more than 20 capable personnel and millions of yuan in service funds, hoping to improve customer satisfaction and create value for customers by actively understanding customer needs and solving problems for customers."

it is learned that most of the problems of concrete mixer truck failures are similar. The problems and data collected in this visit will provide high reference value for future equipment maintenance and product upgrading, from point to area, from individual customers to the entire user group, which is also a great significance of this "customer value-added service visit"

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