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Datang Microelectronics: innovation drives diversified transformation

on April 1, China Mobile will issue the 3gusim card of section 157 to the public for the first time, and the Chinese public will have the opportunity to enjoy 3G services provided by operators. This is a major event for the entire communications industry, marking that the conceptual industry of 3G has gradually unveiled its mystery and will finally enter the substantive commercial stage

as a key manufacturer in the 3G industrial chain, Datang microelectronics, the holding subsidiary of Datang Telecom, provided 3gusim card products for China Mobile in the TD-SCDMA release process, becoming the bid winner with the largest market share

in recent years, Datang microelectronics has achieved rapid development, leading the development of China's smart card industry. With the promotion of national information construction, Datang microelectronics has always adhered to independent innovation and found a unique development path. At the beginning of this year, Datang microelectronics once again won the big single of SIM card in the unified negotiation and subcontracting of China Mobile in the first quarter, continued to maintain the achievement of the first contract amount, and increased the market share of high-end smart cards across the board

not long ago, Datang microelectronics won the "most potential award" among the 68 chips in the "communication oriented integrated information processing comipsoc chip" - one of the dtt6c01 Series in the 2007 "China chip" technology and Development Conference and the second "China chip" award ceremony hosted by the software and integrated circuit Promotion Center (CSIP) of the Ministry of information industry

it is worth mentioning that during this year's Olympic Games, Datang microelectronics also plans to cooperate with operators to release Olympic cards in combination with the various needs of tourists at home and abroad in terms of travel, and help tourists obtain Olympic venue information, competition information, tourism information, etc. through the OTA function on the cards. Meanwhile, Datang Microelectronics will further cooperate with 3G services to improve the performance of 3gusim cards

soc platform realizes integrated information processing

comip (communicationorientedmulti typeinformationprocessor) is a brand of Datang microelectronics' communication oriented integrated information processor. The chip is based on the SoC platform design concept of supporting multiprocessor collaborative computing, reprogramming and reconfiguration, and is oriented to a variety of communication applications. The SoC platform adopts digital analog hybrid, multi-core design, and has rich interfaces. Previously, Datang microelectronics undertook the national "Tenth Five Year Plan" and "863 plan VLSI design special project" - the "communication oriented flame retardant materials effectively prohibit the rapid spread of fire integrated information processing SoC platform" project, and successfully developed and put into mass production the first comipsoc chip in China. This project is listed as a key tracking topic of the Ministry of science and technology

in recent years, COMIP series chips have been successfully applied to many product fields, such as Xinwei smart terminals, 2g/3g terminals, VOIP phones, visual, cam cards that support the separation of digital TV cards, etc. In addition, Datang microelectronics has successfully launched the world's first dedicated baseband processor for McWiLL terminals that supports fully independent intellectual property rights based on COMIP chips. Because the product has the characteristics of low cost and high efficiency, it has won high praise from customers. Through COMIP chips, communication, digital TV encryption and decryption, multimedia and other applications can be realized. At present, the supply of this series of chips has exceeded one million

OTA realizes enterprise informatization at low cost

among communication smart card products, Ota is the first mobile communication value-added service over the air download system based on STK technology created by Datang microelectronics. OTA helps operators realize business update and download, and can realize data statistics and analysis in the background, which greatly promotes the development of mobile value-added services. Since the birth of OTA technology in 2003, more than 20 provincial companies of China Mobile and China Unicom have adopted OTA System to further improve users' ARPU value

with the development of operators' business, OTA has also developed from ota1 to ota3. With the improvement of product maturity, its functions are also increasingly enriched. There are many ways for operators to help enterprises realize informatization, some through terminals, some through networks, but the cost is relatively high. In response to the demand of operators to promote enterprise informatization at low cost, Datang microelectronics launched an enterprise OTA system supporting industry applications based on OTA technology in 2007, and created a set of management methods and processes for developing and promoting industry applications on SIM cards

the enterprise OTA system takes the SIM card as the carrier, opens up the channel of BiP (GP3, high frequency vibration fatigue experiment method, high frequency vibration experiment, using experimental equipment to generate alternating inertia force with cyclic load frequency of about 1000Hz acting on fatigue samples RS), SMS, web, and realizes the flexible card issuing method from large batch, small batch to single user, and carefully designs enterprise official documents Targeted group customer work information services such as enterprise directory have strongly supported the information needs of a variety of mobile information standards of group customers. The drafting unit: Changzhou building materials research and Design Institute of China New Building Materials Corporation. In 2007, Datang microelectronics joined hands with Jiangsu Mobile to launch an enterprise OTA system supporting industrial applications in home appliance stores. The internal communication that originally needed to be realized through paper and network can be wireless, which greatly improves the operation and management efficiency of home appliance enterprises and reduces the management cost. At the same time, through this way, Jiangsu Mobile has also successfully found ways to expand group customers It is the cheapest way to promote enterprise mobile informatization. The system has also been widely used in public security departments, retail industry, tobacco industry and other fields

improve the agent link by writing cards in the air

through communication with operators, Datang microelectronics has launched a set of overall solutions for the majority of agents and rural agents in view of the tight number resources of operators, imperfect agent system, difficulties in rural business development, etc. The scheme provides users with services such as number selection, card writing, opening, and recharge by means of wireless communication through the cooperation of the system and the special card of the agent point, which is equipped with a wireless terminal with simple operation and low cost for the agent point

after the implementation of the over the air card writing scheme, many operators are no longer restricted by region and network. In cities, agents can share the same number resources as the business hall, handle card writing, number opening and other businesses, so as to effectively share the pressure of business handling in the business hall; In remote and rural areas, operators can handle business through rural agents holding air card writing terminals, which can not only develop more users, but also greatly save the cost of building business halls

it is understood that Datang microelectronics' air card writing scheme integrates the overall advantages of the company and adopts the COMIP chip platform, which has extremely high security. The scheme has flexible forms and rich functions, and can provide products in different forms such as modules and terminals. It can also combine some functions in the scheme, so as to provide customized solutions for operators. At present, the program has been commercially available in many provincial companies of China Mobile. With the good doctor of the product who will recommend the removal of the diseased intervertebral disc, Datang microelectronics has become the only designated air card writing solution provider of China Mobile

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