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Dandong cashes in the subsidy policy of the instrument and meter industry base. Dandong learned from the instrument and meter industry base management office yesterday (31st) that the base has begun to issue registered capital subsidies to some settled enterprises. The implementation of the preferential policy will benefit 17 enterprises, with a subsidy amount of nearly 7million yuan

since the construction of the instrument industry base began in May 2009, a total of 300 enterprises have signed contracts to settle in. Among them, 51 enterprises have settled in 14 standard workshops in phase I of the start-up zone, and 26 standard workshops in phase II have also begun to settle in enterprises. Recently, the instrument industry 1. Regularly check whether there is oil leakage at the main engine and oil source. On the basis of implementing the enterprise's registered capital subsidy, the local base management office will also subsidize the equipment relocation and installation costs of the settled enterprises, so as to support the enterprises to reach production and form scale as soon as possible

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