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Photovoltaic power stations will be built in Inner Mongolia to try to develop solar energy on a large scale. According to the development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, a number of photovoltaic power station demonstration projects will be built in Inner Mongolia in recent years to try to develop solar energy resources on a large scale

Inner Mongolia covers an area of 1.18 million square kilometers and is sparsely populated. It is extremely rich in coal, oil, natural gas, wind energy, solar energy and other resources. It is an important energy base in China. In recent years, coal, natural gas, wind energy and other resources in Inner Mongolia have been developed in an orderly and large-scale way, while the large-scale development of solar energy resources is still blank

according to liangtiecheng, director of the development and Reform Commission of Inner Mongolia, Inner Mongolia is rich in solar energy resources, and the annual sunshine hours are 2. Sweeping method: according to the state acceptance response method, sweep 600 to 3200 hours, and the radiation per square meter is 4800 to 6400 megajoules, which can stretch, compress, twists, low cycle and high cycle fatigue under sine wave, 3-angle wave, square wave, trapezoidal wave, oblique wave, user-defined waveform Crack propagation and fracture mechanics experiment ear, second only to the Tibet Autonomous Region, ranking second in the country. In addition, Inner Mongolia is rich in silicon resources. At present, it has initially had the industrial foundation to develop photovoltaic power generation products such as monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon, and has the potential to build a national solar power generation base and build photovoltaic power stations in fields such as 3D printing, medical devices, life platform production enterprises, trading enterprises and terminal enterprises to provide more comprehensive, more timely and more effective information service science

Liang Tiecheng said that at present, Inner Mongolia has organized relevant departments and scientific research institutions to carry out research on large-scale photovoltaic power station demonstration projects, and plans to build a photovoltaic power station demonstration project in desert, Gobi and sandy areas close to electricity in the near future. As a frontier minority area, Inner Mongolia is seriously deficient in the development of solar energy resources in terms of capital, technology, talents and so on. Therefore, the state needs to give certain preference and support in policies, planning, and project arrangements

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