The hottest picture is the antifreeze and thermal

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[figure] the anti freezing and thermal insulation condition of Lanzhou Petrochemical inspection equipment is set

Lanzhou Petrochemical chemical storage and transportation plant hopes to seize the lead in the anti freezing and thermal insulation of machine equipment, pipelines and locomotives as soon as possible, so as to achieve localized management, and do a good job not to freeze a piece of equipment, an inch of pipelines, a valve and an instrument

the main inspection settings of the management personnel are: when the machine is turned on, the temperature interlock is slight; Working pressure protection and interlocking; The demand for proportional synchronous control terminal of extrusion and traction transmission will gradually increase; Synchronous control of take-up and traction; Outer diameter detection and feedback control; The antifreeze and thermal insulation conditions of the control equipment tracked by the single machine and the whole machine with different components

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