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Pia/gatf technology forecast in 2007: according to the prediction made at the conference of forever offset printing, offset printing technology will still occupy at least two-thirds of the printing market before 2015. The endless innovations of offset printing manufacturers and commercial printers will enable the offset printing city to successfully pass the trial production and acceptance site of crown can Indonesia factory, which will be strongly supported. Among them, commercial manufacturers will continue to diversify non printing products and services, so as to seek more effective ways to reduce costs and improve production efficiency. The suggestions to ensure the healthy vitality of the offset printing market are as follows: enterprising spirit and courage are combined with reasonable strategic consideration, smart capital investment and developing innovative habits

Mr. johnzarwan, an independent consultant, said: in the past 10 years, we have made a round-trip trip trip, so that the current commercial offset printing market is almost the same as that 10 years ago. However, the number of printing enterprises has also decreased by 8000 ~ 9000. Therefore, although the market has not achieved real growth, it shows a trend of prosperity. This is consistent with the fact that the printers in the report have achieved double-digit growth year after year. They continue to pick up the business that other enterprises are losing

Mr. zarwan pointed out that it is obvious that digital printing is seizing part of the market. But you have to remember that 15 years ago, the opportunity of digital printing was for live parts with less than 10000 copies; Ten years ago, this number became less than 5000; Now, digital printing is applicable to live parts with less than 1500 copies. If you look back and see the ability of offset printing in reducing the number of copies and achieving effective competition, no one can predict this

in order to help printers improve production efficiency and workflow, offset press manufacturers are rapidly moving towards automation, integration and thorough transformation, so as to make offset printing a modern production process, which is characterized by process control, load balancing, just in time inventory, lean practice, continuous improvement and feedback; At the same time, innovation in the two sectors of rotary offset printing and sheet fed offset printing can achieve value increase at a relatively low cost

create a better bait to attract consumers

when things reach extreme, the opposite of the crisis is opportunity. The offset printing industry has responded to this by developing technology and formulating strategies to support a more lean and competitive business model. Our experts commented as follows

automatic control

the new rotary offset press with robot technology and automatic control function is opening up innovative opportunities for everyone. Who could have predicted these advances 10 years ago? Who knows what will happen in the next 10 to 15 years? Mr. williammclauchlan, senior technical consultant of pia/gatf,

integrated automatic control and automatic control are not the same thing. If you don't realize the latter first, then the former can't be talked about. Once you have the automatic control function, the economic advantage of integrated automatic control is not clear. Since anything added to a fully automatic printing machine is icing on the cake, I have to ask whether it is really worth it. If I am building a new factory, the thinner the recycled material is, I will try my best to automate it. However, if my target is a series of models that already have a set of equipment of different ages, which are mainly applicable to various pipe ring stiffness test experimental factories, then doing so will have a very important impact on my plan. Mr. lamparter, President of printcom Consulting Group

continuous improvement

in fact, all work is carried out around customer needs and competition

printers must examine their environment, and the efficiency of their equipment cannot be lower than that of competitors. If there are two printing machines that have been in use for 15 years in my factory, and the competitors around who provide the same products buy a brand-new printing machine with the functions of automatic version change, automatic cleaning and automatic ink fountain setting, I'd better also do something, including providing printing and services that require the support and guarantee of the new material industry, which will attract and retain customers. Mr. lamparter

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). For small and medium-sized printers, it is difficult to use these new technologies. If I am Quebecor or Donnelley company, and I am building a new factory somewhere, then I will install the latest and best technology. But if I'm just an unknown printing enterprise, I have to think about the return on investment, and carefully consider doing what I can do, and deal with other things later. Mr. Mclaughlan

computer integrated manufacturing will not be fully and widely implemented until interoperability testing has gone further. Mr. lamparter

direct mail

if you can become a member of the industry, you are likely to have been involved in the direct mail business. However, whether it is the outer packaging, inserts or the overall content, offset printing is much more used in direct mail business than digital printing. Mr. lamparter

special coating

after coating application, a large number of beautiful products can be produced. Although paint is a kind of daily necessities at present, any commercial printer using paint can create a unique effect and make himself different in the market. Mr. lamparter


no matter whether commercial printers have used offset printing to produce packaging with their current customers, I will ask them to consider entering this field. If these printers have not yet started to act, packaging is a good area for them to enter before trying to enter other new markets that need to face new production processes and new customers. Mr. zarwan

large format offset printing

folding carton and Paperboard Printing have always been measured in square inches. I understand why folding cartons do this, but I still don't know how beneficial it is to convert to a page oriented commercial printing task. Mr lamparter

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