The hottest photovoltaic supply and demand recover

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The supply and demand of photovoltaic is restored, and the market is expected to pick up

the supply and demand situation begins to change

according to foreign media reports, the global demand for solar panels is expected to increase by about 29% this year. The photovoltaic industry is facing a global shortage of solar panels forced to adopt international advanced technology, or usher in a leading gap since 2006. This will reverse the two-year slump in the photovoltaic industry caused by global overcapacity. According to Bloomberg data, the global installed capacity of photovoltaic industry this year may be as much as 52gw, and the installed capacity in 2015 may increase to 61gw, while the total installed capacity in 2013 is only 40gw. Among them, by 2030, China is expected to add more than 1477gw of installed power capacity. From 2013 to 2030, China is expected to add an average of 17gw of onshore wind power and 4gw of solar photovoltaic power every year

a number of favorable policies have been issued

since this year, China has successively issued a number of favorable policies for the photovoltaic industry. Among them, at the end of June, the Energy Administration issued the "notice on further implementation of policies related to distributed photovoltaic power generation (Exposure Draft)", which mentioned the scheme of "one of two options" for raising the electricity price and the policy of encouraging the development of various forms of distributed photovoltaic applications, which will have a significant impact on the development of distributed photovoltaic projects in the future. At the same time, local support policies have also been introduced. Beijing, Hefei and other places have made explicit policies such as specific subsidies for photovoltaic power generation

Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a quarterly report on the 15th that global clean energy investment reached US $175.1 billion in the first three quarters of this year, an increase of 16% year-on-year, of which China's solar photovoltaic investment fever was the largest single contributor. Judging from this, the amount of clean energy investment in 2014 will rebound after the decline in the previous two years. The highlight of the third quarter was the jump in China's solar photovoltaic investment, which hit a new record of $12.2 billion compared with $7.5 billion in the third quarter of 2013 and $8 billion in the second quarter of 2014. China is building a large number of utility scale photovoltaic projects, which are connected with its main power transmission. Bloomberg new energy finance predicts that the total installed capacity of solar PV in China in 2014 will be dagewa, accounting for almost one third of the world

in the capital market, companies are gearing up to consolidate their photovoltaic industry. On the evening of the 27th, CLP photovoltaic (nasdaq:csun) announced that its Turkish subsidiary csunuturkey had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Turkish Deniz bank, whose enterprise Deniz Leasing Co., Ltd. would provide financial support for projects using CLP photovoltaic components in Turkey, with a financing limit of 100MW, about 300million yuan. In addition, since it officially entered the field of solar photovoltaic with relatively low surrender fees in 2014, rainbow precision plans to achieve the goal of 1GW of installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power stations in the next three years, becoming a new force for domestic new energy applications and mode innovation. Recently, its strategic cooperation with China Xingye Solar Energy Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. in the construction of photovoltaic power stations has made new progress, and the company has won 400million photovoltaic power station contracts

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