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Bottling of pickles and pepper products (Part 2)

according to Wayne, the clapboard plug-in machine purchased by Mt. olive company can produce three types of clapboards, "which is also impossible for other plug-in machines," Dudley specially said. Types include 1 for 5.75 inch deep HSC × 1 (type X) type B corrugated board, and bubble sheet or multi chamber partition made of fiberboard for tray. Preprinted pallets are supplied by several suppliers

the tray Turner is installed in the middle of the tray forming machine and the bulkhead plug-in machine. It can rotate the tray 90 degrees to facilitate the correct positioning of the bulkhead plug-in machine

according to Dudley, the equipment installed in Mt. olive fully reflects the design level of Wayne company, and can well meet the needs of pickle packaging, such as the lifting tray forming machine and the empty bin that can hold special size cartons after improvement. Wayne's equipment is driven by a microprocessor composed of transistor sensors to monitor the operation of the machine and keep people aware of the status of cartons, pallets or partitions in the whole production process. Once the congestion logic module is triggered, the equipment will stop operation before the paper congestion occurs, so as to prevent the waste and accumulation of materials, which will be solved before the congestion causes the machine to stop completely. "Even if the loss of materials is not included, such congestion will also bring excessive pressure to the equipment and its parts." Dudley explained

for consumer goods packaging companies such as Mt. olive, the competitiveness of their products depends on the appearance of the products

he also said that Wayne's equipment has a unique paper bin picking design, which enables the machine to deal with bent cartons, empty pallets or partitions. The causes of these problems may be due to the impact of high environmental humidity on materials, or there may be cartons that are scratched, mistakenly coated or too much glue

compared with other clapboard plug-in machines, the clapboard on Wayne equipment "falls and opens" by gravity, and in the whole process of opening and inserting, the equipment has a good grasp of pre assembly, plug-in drop and maintenance control, so as to ensure more accurate insertion and less blocking and skew plug-ins. Mt. olive uses sf-400 VHS II double head plug-in machine to assemble cartons. Its running speed is 36 cartons per minute, and it can process two cartons at the same time

carr said that in terms of the time required to replace the products of the bulkhead plug-in machine, the preparation time for the new insertion mode of the equipment depends on the previous operation mode. "If the original working method is maintained within a certain range, the replacement time will be easier to control," he said. DuPont believes that through collaboration with customers, government agencies that update extruder products, non-governmental organizations and thought leaders, "The most important thing is that when changing from the most basic size to another, its insertion method is completely different. It takes an hour when it is fast, but I have to be at least 10 inches away. We still try to follow our original production plan."

during canning, a vibrating feeding channel feeds smoothly and sends products out through a vibrating and rotating canning platform

Dudley said that Wayne has transformed the box supporting machine and tray forming machine, so that the hand wheel crank, digital counter and general spindle system can be replaced individually and easily during use

due to Mt. 1 One portal host, the equipment purchased by olive from Wayne, is newly installed. Carr also admitted that the advantages of the new equipment can not be fully seen, but he said that the company's main goal is to produce more perfect packaging that meets the requirements. "The new pallet packaging makes consumers more direct when looking at products on the shelf," he said. "Now the label of Mt. olive brand is more conspicuous."

once the HSC is packaged, the shrink wrapping machine and heat channel will tightly wrap it around the HCS with clean and clear film

carr believes that the other advantage of the new equipment is that the labor intensity of glass can destacking is less, because one destacker is installed and the other one can be in place immediately; Because the glass cans are packed in bulk, the cost is lower; It saves a lot of secondary packaging costs and reduces the waste of corrugated boxes, which enables Mt. olive company to pack more 2-gallon pickles and peppers, and make more profits

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