Christmas snow on the hottest glass window

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Christmas snow on the glass window

everyone has a white Christmas dream in his heart. Tom Baker, a 36 year old artist from Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK, painted on the glass window with a simple snow spray and brush, depicting a snowy beauty in the middle of various mechanical equipment

British artist Tom Baker painted many white Christmas scenes on the glass window

today, we will discuss in detail the specific test method according to the national standard gb/t12914 (2) 008 determination of tensile strength of paper and paperboard

Tom drew a snowy village on the customer's window

before Christmas, Tom's "snow window" studio often receives orders from all over the UK. Tom can print out the test values in the customer's window. 3. The pulsator of the anchor fatigue experimental machine is equipped with five output interfaces. The snow covered village is painted on the door. Old cars or carriages are parked on the road, and Santa Claus and his elk sleigh fly through the air, full of strong retro feelings. Sometimes, he will add Alsace dogs to the drawing at the request of customers. The cumbersome and complex details are very exquisite and amazing

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