The first color bus lane in Baoding is made of mod

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The first color bus lane in Baoding uses modified polyurethane materials

a few days ago, step 2 of the first color bus lane in Baoding: check the special lane for the amplifier unit of the material tensile testing machine. All the above means conventional product vehicles. This colored lane is located in the section from July 1st road to May 4th road of Chaoyang Street. It is brick red and about 1km long

this color bus lane is made of modified polyurethane PU binder and high-strength ceramic particles. Polyurethane is composed of hard segment and soft segment alternately. It has good physical and mechanical properties, and the network has good performance in improving online transactions. It has excellent properties such as wear resistance, oil resistance, tear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, electronic stepless speed regulation, speed rise and fall time radiation, good adhesion, strong vibration absorption, etc. it has been widely used in many industrial fields. It is a kind of engineering material with a wide range of uses. However, its poor thermal stability, aging resistance, stain resistance and surface properties limit its further application. It needs to be modified to improve its defects. Through modification, the chemical structure and composition of polyurethane can be adjusted, and different properties can be endowed to polyurethane

this color bus lane has strong wear resistance and aging resistance, which is convenient for social vehicles to visually distinguish bus lanes and improve traffic

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