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China's first medical equipment artificial intelligence alliance was established in Suzhou original title: China's first medical equipment artificial intelligence alliance was established in Suzhou China News Agency, Suzhou, July 20 (dongzichang) "China national medical equipment Congress and the 27th Annual Academic and technical exchange conference of rotating shaft torque endurance testing machine" opened in Suzhou on July 20. The conference established the first domestic medical equipment artificial intelligence alliance to build a global cooperation platform for exploring the application of artificial intelligence in the field of medical equipment

at the founding ceremony of the alliance, xinguobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology of China, said that at present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change is emerging all over the world, and the country attaches great importance to this change. For China, artificial intelligence is becoming a new driving force for China to promote supply side structural reform, a new opportunity to revitalize the real economy, and a new engine for building a manufacturing and networking power. At present, the medical equipment industry is accelerating its development towards digitalization, precision and intelligence. A series of advanced medical products have emerged, such as electronic positioning systems, telemedicine platforms, high-end medical imaging equipment and so on

zhaozilin, President of China Medical hygroscopic Equipment Association, said that as a strategic technology leading the future, artificial intelligence is of great significance to improve medical quality, service mode and technological innovation. The alliance gathers social forces such as enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and large hospitals. It will accelerate the development and application of China's medical equipment artificial intelligence industry, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and clinical medicine, promote industrial development and improve the service capacity of medical institutions

panyunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the expert committee of the China Medical Equipment artificial intelligence alliance, pointed out that after decades of development, today's artificial intelligence is moving towards the 2.0 era. In the era of 2.0, new theories, new technologies and new platforms have strong scalability and permeability, and are highly integrated with social needs. The accelerated combination of medical equipment and artificial intelligence is the concentrated expression of this trend. To promote the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry of medical equipment, China should not only promote scientific and technological innovation, but also attach great importance to strengthening the transformation of scientific research achievements. In the key areas of this new round of industrial reform, China should layout as soon as possible and take the lead in launching

it is understood that this conference will last for four days and will hold special academic conferences focusing on promoting the development and application of China's advanced medical equipment, medical equipment science and technology innovation and other relevant policies and cutting-edge medical equipment technology. During the conference, 2018 medical equipment and technology exhibition will also be held. (end)

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