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Sany pumping: Service in mud and sweat

Guide: this morning, it was drizzling outside. In my sleep, I suddenly heard a sudden ringing tone. The dispatch task came from the company's dispatching center. I suddenly jumped out of bed. After a simple wash, it was still bright outside. Facing the light rain, I went out to the customer's construction site. This day's clothes

this morning, it was drizzling outside. In my sleep, I suddenly heard a ringing tone that hurriedly reduced the production of packaging waste. The dispatch task came from the dispatching center of the company, and I suddenly jumped out of bed. The control system software of the electronic experimental machine was based on the windows operating system as the platform. After simple washing, the sky outside was still bright, and I went out to the customer's site in the face of the light rain. The service of this day began at 6 o'clock

what came into view after the construction site was a very dangerous situation. The car stopped on the half way of a 30 meter deep foundation pit, but the wheel fell into the mud and couldn't get out, resulting in the burning of the clutch plate. The car stopped on the ramp for a long time, and the subgrade was easy to collapse. If the whole equipment overturned, it would cause incalculable losses. At this moment, as a service engineer of Sany, I couldn't take care of the rain and hurriedly threw down my umbrella, Pick up the tool and get out of the car. Check the condition of the vehicle and start immediately. At the same time, I hurried to the construction site to pick up stones to fill the pit. In the process of picking up stones, the road was wet and fell in the mud. The stones fell off my hands and hit my feet with a painful pain, but it was an emergency. I continued to limp towards the goal regardless of the foot injury. After the ground was filled, I got into the screw of adjusting the clutch under the car. During the whole adjustment process, rain, sweat and mud intertwined and blurred my whole body. After adjustment again and again, the clutch of the car finally returned to work. The car also reached the safety zone through traction and drove back to the mixing plant smoothly. After 4 hours of efforts, our equipment was safe, and the customer's suspense was relieved. It was only when I looked at the equipment that I felt the pain. When I took off my shoes, my toes were white and swollen. The customer quickly advised me to go to the hospital. At this moment, I smiled and looked forward to 2019, and gently said, "it's okay, minor injuries can't go down the line of fire". When limping away from the battlefield of victory, the customer said "thank you" deeply. I waved my hand and said, "this is what we should do." I got on the service car and drove to our next battlefield

this information is true. 5. Check whether the pull rod, screw and guide rail are roughening. It has not been confirmed by the information of China Construction machinery. It is for your reference only. Please do not reprint without permission. If it has been used under this authorization, it shall be used within the scope of authorization, and the "source: China Construction Machinery Information" shall be indicated

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