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Sany paver "Zhedong First Street" shows its skill

Zhongshan Road in Ningbo enjoys the reputation of Zhedong first street. It is not only the most important traffic trunk road in Ningbo, but also a landmark road carrying the economic and social development of Ningbo. In the municipal reconstruction project of Zhongshan West Road, West extension of airport road to Changxing section, Sany sap240c-5 Advanced Asphalt Paver and two SPR rubber tyred rollers participated in the whole process and showed their skills. The exploration was completed with high quality within the construction period, forming a set of reasonable and feasible composite material body development working mechanism, and the overall construction of pavement

Sany sap240c-5 asphalt paver and two SPR rubber tyred rollers are under construction in Ningbo

the Sany sap240c-5 high-grade asphalt paver participating in this construction has a super large capacity hopper, paving more than 1000 tons of asphalt per hour, a paving width of 12 meters and a paving thickness of 35 cm. The continuous paving capacity of the super large hopper and the good feeding and distributing capacity greatly improve the paving efficiency of the equipment. Whether it is flatness or work efficiency, the customer is very satisfied

Sany sap240c-5 high-grade asphalt paving construction site

by querying two SPR rubber tyred rollers respectively, they also performed well. Not only did they have good compaction effect, but the advanced automatic oil injection function surprised the construction company

Sany SPR rubber tyred roller construction site

with the perfect cooperation of Sany paver and rubber tyred roller, the municipal reconstruction project of Zhongshan Road in Ningbo was successfully completed on schedule. The three-month construction made customers more confident that Sany's pavement was the mechanical equipment of New Jersey's core technology research and the development director of Franklin Lake, and said that they would continue to purchase in the later stage

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