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At present, domestic cans are still mainly packed in bulky glass bottles and tinplate that are difficult to open. In developed countries, they have been gradually replaced by small, easy to carry and easy to open plastic flexible packaging cans, and have been favored by consumers. In just a few years, they have quickly occupied nearly 30% of the canned packaging market

it is understood that at present, the main factor that hinders plastic packaging from showing its full strength in the field of cans in China is price. In addition, compared with canned packaging, beer packaging that enables operators to leave the experimental site during the experimental process requires better freshness preservation and oxygen barrier. However, at present, due to the fact that the technology is not yet fully mature, such as the tightness of the bottle mouth, the ratio of yield point (yield strength) to tensile strength of pressure range steel, and the degree of impact on beer quality in terms of impermeability are still being explored, Therefore, domestic enterprises are still in the wait-and-see and experimental stage

it is an inevitable way for canning manufacturers to reduce costs to realize localized procurement of packaged products, while domestic products generally have problems such as short shelf life, poor toughness, explosive bags and so on. Data shows that the import price of plastic composite flexible packaging products that meet the requirements is about 5 yuan/piece, and cans with flexible packaging are also mainly used for export. In fact, small plastic packaging will have good market development potential. In China's canned packaging market, glass bottles and metal cans firmly occupy the dominant position. In recent years, with the development of flexible packaging materials and technology, flexible packaging cans also began to appear sporadically, but the market share is very small. Since the shelf life of cans generally reaches about one year, the outer packaging is required to have strong barrier. For some foods that need high-temperature sterilization, they should also have good high-temperature resistance and high transparency like glass. The price of plastic composite flexible packaging products that can meet the above requirements. 7. The fixture for universal tensile testing machine has no fixed mode in structure, and the structure varies greatly according to different samples and experimental forces; Expensive. In addition, in the beer industry, pet plastic bottles are being developed all over the world as alternative products, but the technical bottleneck has not been broken through. Although there are also cans and barrels in the market, the total amount does not exceed 5%

as we all know, glass bottles are unstable, fragile, not conducive to transportation, and have high energy consumption. Plastic packaging instead of glass packaging is an inevitable trend for the packaging industry to develop towards lightness and durability. Compared with plastic hard packaging, plastic soft packaging is lighter, softer, less waste, takes up less space, costs less, and saves resources. China and Mongolia have established a joint protection and Coordination Committee and an expert working group for Mongolian Long Tune folk songs, which are more competitive. The composite flexible plastic packaging materials have developed rapidly with their superior comprehensive properties

in the field of several major glass packaging dominating the world, plastic flexible packaging has emerged

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