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Flexible packaging and slitting machine (Part 2)

III. performance characteristics of domestic high-end slitting machine

Wuxi beiren Xiemin Printing Co., Ltd. among them, the upper device of the mobile beam is equipped with a lower jaw brush. The gfQ series full hair cutting machine manufactured by the machinery factory is a set of Electromechanical, optical and pneumatic integration, with remarkable characteristics of high speed, complete specifications, wide applications and high precision

1. The electrical system of the machine is centrally controlled by full computer PLC

2. Equipped with man-machine interface system

3. PLC adopts Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller with superior performance

4. Control the running state in combination with AD and Da

5. According to the test results of high-performance pulse generator and the changes of set parameters and winding diameter

6. Automatically control the tension of the middle roll according to the taper mode; In the drive part, two Japanese Yaskawa frequency converters with volume control function to directly control torque are used for main traction and winding respectively

7. The winder adopts imported inflatable shaft and clutch

8, combined with adjustable pressure shaft structure

9. Really realize high-grade slitting

10, the same

11. Digital automatic control of

12. The unwinding part is composed of Mitsubishi's full-automatic tension control system, Mitsubishi's automatic photoelectric deviation correction system, hydraulic elevator weight, etc. The winding structure is axle less clamping

13, combined with hydraulic lifting mechanism

14. It is easy to install, time-saving and labor-saving

15, reduced labor intensity

16, slitting

17. The knife has two structures: flat blade and round blade

18, easy to select

19. Meet the requirements of paper, film and other materials in the same

20, one device

21, upper slitting

22. Purpose; Main electrical appliances, pneumatics, etc

23. All approved parts are imported

24, brand products

25, stable and reliable performance

26. The price of this machine is only the same

27, imported equipment of grade level

28、1/3-29、 1/5;

30. The performance and price are relatively high

the technical performance of the hair cutting machine manufactured by Wuxi beiren Xiemin printing machinery factory analyzes your situation and translates your needs into specific system requirements. It has been in a position to rely on in China and has exceeded the advanced level of similar international products in some aspects. The factory aims to create an international famous brand, continues to carry out technological innovation, and has formed the research, development, production and manufacturing capacity of cutting equipment. On the basis of the achievements, new varieties have been introduced continuously, the working speed has been increased from 300m/min to 500m/min, and the machine specification has been extended from 1300mm basic size to 600mm small size schlieren cutting to 2200mm wide width material cutting. Some large domestic packaging material manufacturers have invited them to carry out maintenance and transformation for the early imported equipment, and let them design and manufacture a series of special equipment with special performance specifications, which not only brought economic benefits to enterprises, but also contributed to the development of China's packaging industry

IV. the development trend of slitting machine

there is such a vivid metaphor in the industry that in the early stage, the two slitting machines that can rotate each other have simple structure, and the speed is about 100m/min. The mechanical friction mode of winding tension is manual control, which is referred to as electric activation machine; Later, after some transformation, the winding is controlled by means of clutch, and a single motor controls the traction and winding. The speed is less than 200m/min, which is called a simulator; The full-automatic high-speed Slitter of beiren Xiemin printing machine factory uses digital automatic control, and the speed is more than 300m/min, just like the digital machine in the field of modern communication

after entering the new century, digitalization and informatization have been spread across all industries. With China's entry into WTO, the slitting machine will also move towards higher speed and higher precision. With the purpose of quality first and striving for first-class, Wuxi beirenban min printing machinery factory is stepping up its research on many key technical links faced by higher-grade slitting machines, such as control technology, the speed and correctness of signal processing, the improvement of traditional cutting edge slitting and so on, Welcome insiders to communicate, guide and cooperate with them, and strive for the brilliant future of the packaging industry

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