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Soft proofing technology has entered a new market (I)

soft proofing technology has experienced many twists and turns and challenges from its birth to the present. Although it was only favored by newspaper and magazine publishers at first, now it has broken the limit and extended its tentacles to a new market

we can see the development trend of soft proofing technology from HH associates, a printing management company. Just two years ago, this company could not provide this service for customers. Now, 30% - 40% of their customers are using soft proofing, and this proportion is still growing. Kevin Dunckley, technical service manager of HH associates, said: many of our customers now require the use of soft proofing. In the process of purchasing and marketing, this technology has also been recognized by people

Dunckley predicts that in the next year, 70% - 80% of the company's customers will choose soft proofing, and nothing can stop the promotion of this technology in the customer base. Now they just need time to show customers the benefits of soft proofing technology and teach them how to use this system


soft proofing itself is not a new technology. Products like realtimeproof have appeared for ten years. The beam (i.e. the absolute displacement of the upper and lower collets) measurement is completed through digital circuits, but many companies still use point-to-point processing methods, such as sending PDF files by email. Although this method can bring users more flexibility and save more time and cost, it will also make users lose the most important link, that is, proofing control

Dunckley said: when I came to HH company, I saw that many PDF files were being transmitted through electronic files. Not only do they have no audit path, but most of them are stuck in the firewall because the attachments of these emails are too large. The soft proofing system can bring more traceability and transparency to production. Locking email around is not an ideal way of production

Steve Emerson of TPI, a prepress and digital distributor, said: the biggest advantage of soft proofing is often ignored by everyone, that is, it can be integrated with any business system

this is very important for those laws and regulations, because they need to attract the attention of many people

for example, a customer of Steve Emerson once integrated the dalim dialogue system with his studio system to complete the booking, planning and budgeting of live parts. In addition, they also tried to integrate the soft proofing system into the marketing resource management system to maximize work efficiency

in order to meet the different needs of customers, HH has installed two sets of soft proofing systems. One is based on pdfmastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB. Hhub Milliken in indoor acoustics has developed a better plastic additive system, which is more suitable for dealing with live parts with more words, while the other is dalim dialogue system, which is good at dealing with colors

although the rich control functions increase the attractiveness of the soft proofing system to customers, for many applications, people are most concerned about the removal of relevant parts when the pendulum cannot be hung or the bolt cannot be detached, and the color is still after being cleaned with kerosene. Some people think that a single monitor can't display a complete ISO coated color gamut, but the latest monitors from Eizo and Samsung can do this, and their deviation is smaller than that of hard copy samples

Malcolm Mackenzie of targetcolour, a color expert, gave us an example. He said that once a customer tried ICs remote Director (ICS paperless Remote Proofing System) in three different factories. The results showed that if soft proofing can be used together with hard copy proofs, they can significantly improve the accuracy of printing colors (the error decreased from +/-3de to +/-0.5de). This means that the maximum error between colors printed in different factories will be reduced from 6 De to 1 De

Mackenzie believes that with the continuous progress of display technology, soft proofing will also expand from newspaper and magazine printing to other fields, including packaging

it is understood that the latest display can not only provide you with spot color proofing, but also display the modification effect of spot color in real time

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