The hottest soft rubber market in South China face

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South China soft rubber market is facing price adjustment pressure

although Maoming Petrochemical has not officially announced the adjustment of the ex factory price, and the LDPE holding price is still 7010 yuan, traders confirm that the ex factory price of LDPE will fall by 50 to 100 yuan. In addition to sales pressure, traders believe that another example is that the market change cycle is coming, and they believe that it may be continuously reduced

lldpe 7042's ex factory price is still 6060 yuan. Traders believe that the price is high and difficult to deal with. There is also the possibility of price reduction in the near future. LLDPE 8910 is relatively popular due to its small supply of goods shipped to other provinces in the near future

the ex factory price of PP T30S is 6810 yuan. Because it has just changed production, there are not many sources of goods, and the price is strong, traders believe that the price adjustment of PP will lag behind

the quotation of Korean soft rubber LDPE is $600, LLDPE is $640 and PP is $640. Market participants said that Chinese buyers were not active this week, so we should wait and see the market. In the previous two weeks, we welcome you to discuss with us. The reason for the jump is that traders cover their positions, but at present, more traders are not optimistic about the future market, and the sales pressure of LLDPE and PP in some factories in South Korea has increased, and the soft rubber market in South China may enter another round of adjustment period

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