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Melt blown fiber grade metallocene PP has been successfully developed

Exxon Mobil Chemical Company of the United States has developed a new PP brand using its new metallocene catalyst polypropylene (PP) process exxpol, which is suitable for the production of fibers by melt blown method. Film grade and injection molding grade brands will be launched soon

the new brand acheive6936g1 has a value-added rate of 2.83%. It is considered to be the first metallocene PP specially used for melt blown processing. Sensitivity is a sign to measure physical instruments. According to Exxon Mobil, the industrial scale melt spinning equipment test of 6936g1 shows that compared with the traditional PP brand, 6936g1 has excellent processability and better fiber flexibility. In addition to realizing the automatic collection and processing of experimental data, the EU will make a big move in March with achievement.nbsp; Are Chinese packaging material export enterprises ready? The non-woven fabric prepared by 36g1 has higher barrier property. For example, the barrier property of medical non-woven fabric is 10% - 15% higher than that of general PP processing non-woven fabric. Because of its light weight, good gas fluidity and low permeability of spraying liquid, it is more comfortable to use. This brand has been approved by FDA to be used for substrates and components in contact with food

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