Successful development of the hottest new liquid c

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The successful development of new liquid crystal materials

Shijiazhuang Chengzhi Yonghua display materials has made automotive interior parts have a home feeling. The liquid crystal material project for ips-tft (a new material display) undertaken by the company recently passed the expert appraisal organized by Shijiazhuang science and Technology Bureau

the project has designed and synthesized a variety of new fluorine-containing nematic liquid crystal compounds that can meet the ips-tft formula, developed a set of practical monomer liquid crystal purification process and test methods, and took the lead in developing a variety of ips-tft mixed liquid crystal formulas with independent intellectual property rights in a polymer synthesized by crustacean exoskeleton in China, which solved CIS trans transposition, coupling reaction The application problems of key industrialization technologies such as anhydrous and oxygen free low-temperature reaction process of metal reagents

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