Successful development of the hottest polypropylen

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Polypropylene synthetic paper is successfully developed

polypropylene synthetic paper, which fills the gap in China, has recently been successfully developed in Heilongjiang Province and passed expert appraisal. The project was completed by Qiqihar No. 2 plastic factory after nearly two years of research and will be put into operation in the near future. In addition to the properties of ordinary paper, polypropylene synthetic paper also has the characteristics of mold resistance, pollution resistance, wear resistance, firmness and beauty, water and moisture resistance. The operation steps of our equipment may not fully conform to the equipment of other families, and can be used as paper money, maps, account books, packaging and so on. Experts have identified low-speed experiments (metal, cement, concrete, etc.) that are beneficial to conventional materials. They believe that this kind of paper has a broad application market. Because this experiment only needs to convert one channel product to replace the imported one

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