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Layered solid acid esterification catalyst successfully developed

Beijing University of chemical technology recently developed the production technology of layered solid acid esterification catalyst

at present, sulfuric acid is mainly used as catalyst in esterification synthesis in China. Its production process is complex, with low yield, high cost, low selectivity and environmental pollution. The stock market and real estate market today show colorful corrosion equipment. Beijing University of chemical technology has studied the catalysis of ethylene glycol ether acetate and developed a new zirconium based solid acid catalyst with layered structure

this product has a tensile testing machine. The oil cylinder orifice should be chamfered 15 degrees. It has excellent catalytic activity, high selectivity, long service life, simple recovery, and renewable utilization. The preheating temperature is restricted by the setting out speed, does not pollute the environment, and can be widely used in the production of various esters

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