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Soft and tough liquid epoxy resin developed successfully

China's epoxy resin voltage fluctuation industry

according to Wuxi Edison Company news, the spokesman of Japan Daiichi Ink Co., Ltd. said locally on September 3 that they developed and produced epoxy resin with liquid oligomeric bifunctional molecular structure. This is achieved through the introduction of low polarity binding groups into the molecular structure of epoxy resin, and the types of sensors of electronic universal testing machines on the market at present include S-type and spoke type

according to the data of Japan Ink Co., Ltd., this soft and tough liquid epoxy resin has five excellent characteristics: first, it has low viscosity, convenient operation and use, and has a special relationship between molecular weight and viscosity - the molecular weight is the same as that of general-purpose BPA solid resin, and the viscosity is the same as that of general-purpose BPA liquid resin; The second is excellent softness and toughness, which can withstand 180 degree repeated bending test; Third, the adhesive force is extremely high, which is 1 to 4 times higher than that of general BPA liquid resin; Fourth, the curing shrinkage is very small, only one fifth to one tenth; Fifth, it has less impurities and high purity, and its COD content is 80% less than that of general BPA liquid resin. This product is expected to be applied in cutting-edge materials of electronic technology, special coatings, adhesives, carbon fiber composites, etc

an expert from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association introduced that epoxy resin has the advantages of formability, heat resistance, adhesion, electrical insulation and so on. It is widely used in coatings, adhesives, printed circuit boards, semiconductor sealing materials and so on, but its disadvantage is hard and brittle. Recently, the technological development in the field of electronic technology, such as flexible distribution boards, requires epoxy resin to maintain good flexibility and toughness

Greater Japan Ink Co., Ltd. has a leading position in the ink industry in the current international competitive environment, and has a long history in the production of coatings and epoxy resins. Wuxi Edison epoxy Co., Ltd., established with Bluestar new materials Wuxi resin factory in 1997 with a joint investment of US $17million, has become an important production base of China's epoxy resin industry

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