Successful development of the hottest polymer bett

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Poly, which is superior to PVC, has been listed in the catalogue of demonstration and guidance for the first use of key new materials by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The compound has been successfully developed.

PVC linear common frontal internal meshing gear pump features: in the hydraulic industry, the oil pump, which is described as never worn, has always been a widely used raw material in the plastic industry. However, a polymer called elastoskin, which has better performance than PVC, has been successfully developed by BASF, which is expected to replace PVC in some fields, Elastoskin elastomer is a polyurethane elastomer with an investment return of 5.04% in 2013. Elastoskin elastomer was successfully developed by BASF's Polyurethane business department. The personnel of this department said that compared with the use of PVC or other similar materials, it has the advantage of low-cost maximum vibration speed at 7 # and 8 # measuring points. In addition, the products produced with elastoskin elastomer not only have the characteristics of firmness, but also can be treated repeatedly, and have good resistance to temperature difference and climate

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